The Lincoln Longwool has an important
place in our history......

our largest native breed of sheep once dominated the landscape, especially in the eastern counties. As a hardy dual purpose breed they were in great demand and exported to all corners of the globe. Their long lustrous fleece was a commodity of great value upon which much of the nation's wealth was built.

The decline of the wool industry and demand for ever cheaper meat has severely impacted on the survival of the 'Lincoln' as a pedigree breed. With little commercial incentive for slow-maturing lamb and even less for growing wool, this magnificent British sheep is now one of our most vulnerable rare breeds.

Living in the Lincolnshire Wolds made Lincoln Longwools the obvious choice, and although it can be hard work at times, it is thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding to live alongside them.

They are truly life enriching.

Our stock originate from strong historic bloodlines and our progeny are from a diverse gene pool. We have invested over 15 years establishing our own 'Risby' bloodline.