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Wonderful Wool 

We have a variety of processed and unprocessed products available for sale,

from a full fleece 'in the grease'

to beautiful machine spun double knit yarn.


Creations limited only by your imagination.



  100% Best British Wool, lincoln longwool, grown here in the Lincolnshire Wolds:

Ewes it or lose it
go on...
all we are saying is give fleece a chance!

  A full fleece 'in the grease' 7-12kg

Exactly as it comes off the sheep (with the less desirable bits removed)
Shorter Wool 15-20cm      £30.00  

Longer Wool 20-30cm      £35.00
(wire-haired fox terrier not included!) 
  More manageable portions of fleece 'in the grease'


Washed lustrous locks of wool
Scoured and drum carded - ready for felting or spinning
£4.50 / 100g

  Silky smooth carded tops (fibres all combed in same direction)
£5.00 / 100g

Hand-made felt pieces 600 x 500cm 250g approx.
felt from carded wool £12.50

felt from carded tops £15.00

Machine Spun Aran Knit Yarn 50g balls (min purchase 2 x 50g)

£3.95 / 50g ball outofstock

Machine Spun Double Knitting Yarn 50g balls (min purchase 2 x 50g)
£4.95 / 50g ball
(please contact us with your shopping list and we'll work out the shipping)



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